What Should Yahoo! Search Advertisers Do?

Given the news that Yahoo! has thrown in the towel in search and will scrap its Panama search advertising platform in favor of Microsoft’s adCenter, what should current Yahoo! advertisers do to prepare for the upcoming new landscape? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. If you don’t have an adCenter account, open one now! Get experience working with the adCenter interface and get used to its auction marketplace as well as its various tools. The more experience you build now, the easier your transition will be when the switch takes place. You can start here.
  2. Continue maintaining and optimizing your Yahoo! Search Marketing account. You will likely still be using it well into 2010. Whether to continue building out your Yahoo! campaigns is primarily a tradeoff decision. If you have the time and resources, by all means do so, because it’s very likely that Yahoo! will provide a decent migration path to adCenter when the time comes. But if you have to sacrifice one or the other, I would rather focus on building expertise with adCenter.
  3. Don’t take your eyes off your Google AdWords campaigns. They likely drive the vast majority of your volume as well as performance. Don’t get distracted by the 30% and drop the ball on the main 70%.

I hope to write more about this topic as I absorb the implications of the deal.


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